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debt slaves are still slaves

Sued Over Old Debt, and Blocked From Suing Back
-12/22/2015 | The New York Times

no growth world

Imagining a World Without Growth
-12/1/2015 | The New York Times

they never even saw it coming

The Extinction of the American Dream
-7/8/2015 | Huffington Post

austerity, not jobs

The Austerity Delusion
-4/29/2015 | The Guardian

One more net falls

The Demolition of Workers’ Comp
-3/4/2015 | ProPublica

no more freebies

The City that Outlawed Free Food
-2/2/2015 | The Nation

US fleet, Aug 19, 1908

Does Globalization Cause War?
-1/28/2015 | Huffington Post

pampered rich

Why Rich People Don't Care About You
-1/22/2015 | Real Clear Science

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I wasn't liquid...

The Bad Fortune of Some Ultrawealthy People
-12/11/2015 | The New York Times

can't make the rent

Some Families Earn Six Figures and Still Need Help With the Rent
-12/1/2015 | The Wall Street Journal / 4-Traders

no jobs for people

Software and Robots Eat Jobs. Now What?
-7/27/2015 | Huffington Post

Will this be you?

Blaming the Victims of the 401(k) Crisis
-4/20/2015 | The Huffington Post


Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Talk About Finance   
~ finance and global poverty, pt 1

Who Really Controls Wall Street, and Why It Matters   
~ finance and global poverty, pt 2
-3/31/2015 | Huffington Post

gimme 2 and 20!

How hedge funds work
-3/31/2015 | The Economist

Hedge Funds Are for Suckers
-7/11/2013 | Bloomberg

medieval college class?

Things I Wish They Taught in College
-1/30/2015 | The Motley Fool

historical charts are your guide to riches

The Single Greatest Mistake Investors Make
-1/23/2015 | Huffington Post

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