Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

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No more unemployment for you...

Labor Market will Lose 310,000 Jobs in 2014 if Unemployment Insurance Extensions Expire

"...for nearly two out of every three job seekers, there simply are no jobs. In other words, in a given month in today’s labor market, the vast majority of the unemployed are not going to find a job no matter what they do."-11/7/2013

Searching for the perfect job candidate

Unemployment -- Made in America by Employers

~Employers aren't doing themselves or the economy any favors by spending on costly online job postings and waiting for the "perfect" candidate.-11/5/2013

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¿Bailamos? by dm_523e02e4c6a97

"What's a good job?"   "And [if I have a real job]... I'll be happier than doing what I like?"-10/9/2013

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